8 dangerous foods that risk damaging children’s brains

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Parents are well aware of the role foods plays in stimulating brain development. and also influences behavior as well as contribute to the creation of children’s intelligence and ingenuity At the same time, food can also damage your child’s brain. So we’ve rounded up some dangerous foods that risk damaging your child’s brain. In order for parents to avoid having their children consumed, please share.

8 dangerous foods that risk damaging children's brains

1. Fast food
Fast food or what we call fast food. Classified as a food that does not contain all nutrients. It also contains excessive amounts of sodium. It’s also contaminated with preservatives. Which has the effect of destroying the health of the body It also causes the body to receive insufficient nutrients for brain development as well.

2. Foods that are high in sodium
Foods that are high in sodium not only resulting in swelling But it also slows down the brains of children.

3. Processed protein
Most processed proteins contain chemicals used in food processing, such as high sodium or preservatives. which when accumulated in the body It will cause an impact on the nervous ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com system. cause memory problems

4. different flavors of yogurt
different flavored yoghurt Naturally, through the synthesis of flavors, flavors all contain chemicals that inevitably have a negative effect on the brain of children.

5. Popcorn
Most popcorn is very high in sodium. Even more, if there are various flavors added, the more negatively affecting the brain’s functioning. Because the flavor of popcorn often comes from synthetic substances.

6. Salad dressing
Salad dressing has a high amount of sugar. which when the body has been in large quantities would inevitably cause the brain to learn slowly Therefore, you should choose to eat salad dressings that are low sugar or free sugar are more healthy.

7. Bacon or Ham
Bacon or ham is rich in fat and cholesterol. which has the potential to cause clots in the blood vessels and cause heart disease It also contains a mixture of saltpeter, preservatives and nitrosamines. which is the one that can cause cancer Including the risk of damaging the brain of children as well

8. Semi-finished food
Semi-finished foods are processed to extend the life of the food so that it can be stored for a long time. That is inevitable the presence of chemicals in this type of food. Therefore, when this type of chemical accumulates in the body of many children. would inevitably affect the central nervous system

In addition to the 8 types of foods that we have mentioned above that contribute to the destruction of children’s brains, grilled foods, pickled foods, sweets, chewing gum or fried foods. are all contributing to the slow development of the brain together Therefore, parents should pay attention to their children’s diet. It is essential that children eat nutritious food. Because during the age when the child’s body is growing more and more Nutrients are indispensable.