The basics of blackjack that newbies shouldn’t miss

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Among the popular card games played in online casino Around the world, besides baccarat, I think there is also blackjack. This is the one that has been popular as the top, possibly with a method of playing that requires tactics. But it’s not as difficult as poker. Today, I bring you good information that can be called. The basics of playing blackjack that everyone must have, especially newbies. Anyway, let’s go see what’s going on.       


Basic terms to remember

First of all, let’s start with the terminology for playing blackjack first so that we can know what they mean when they say it. And when will it happen?

  • Blackjack is used to immediately draw the first 2 cards that can be combined for 21 points.
  • Hit is to draw more cards to bring the closest to 21 points. which can be called an unlimited number of times
  • Stand is not to call more cards. Some may call it Stay, Stick, Stand pat, which means the same thing.
  • Double Down : This can only happen when the first 2 cards are dealt. In which players will be able to bet 2 times and can only call up one card. for example

Assuming our first 2 cards total 11 points, we can double our bet by placing bets on the square lines. And after this, only one more card can be drawn. In which we only need 10 points in order to combine 3 cards to get 21 points.

  • Split will occur only during the first 2 cards same as Double Down, the difference is that these 2 cards must be pairs. (Both cards are of the same face), where the dealer will ask us if we want to split the cards (Split) or not. If we are okay, we can split the cards. It will split the pair of cards into 2 sets and can call more cards as usual. Both sets of cards can be used to bet on both the dealer.
  • Surrender If the player thinks that they can’t continue, they can surrender during the first 2 cards, which will only get half the bet back.
  • Insurance is insurance for bets. This must be done during the first 2 cards only. And the dealer’s first card must be an A card. If the player takes Insurance, the other half of the bet must be paid as insurance. Due to the fact that the dealer has an A card, the chances of us winning against the dealer are very small. The results of the insurance are as follows:
  • If the dealer gets blackjack or wins, the player gets the security money back along with the bet.
  • If the dealer loses The player must pay the insurance money to the dealer.

card counting blackjack

In playing blackjack, there are ways to count the card points as follows.

  • Numbered face cards 2 – 10, every suit has a value according to the number on the face of the card.
  • All three foreign cards J, Q, K have 10 points.
  • Every A card can have a value of 1 point or 11 points, depending on which group of cards it is with. For example, if it is with three western cards J, Q, K, the A card will have a value of 11 points, but if it is in A group of numerical cards will make the A card worth 1 point.

Rules and dealing of cards

For Blackjack, the cards are dealt separately from the way they are played. The process of dealing cards will have the following rules.

  1. The dealer deals 1 card to each player and the dealer gets the last card. Then start dealing the 2nd card, both cards received are always face down.
  2. Players can summon an unlimited number of additional cards by circulating in the same way as dealing cards. But calling cards will have a condition that the first 2 cards must add up to less than 21 points, and after calling, if the total points exceed 21 points, it will be considered losing immediately as well.
  3. The dealer will call at least 17 points. If the player has less than 17 points, it is considered losing to the banker. But if the dealer does not reveal 21 points, they will continue to play, not counting as the end of the game.
  4. If the points between the player and the banker are tied Players can take back their bets.

 The basics of playing blackjack

            In fact, playing blackjack at various online casinos has many different ways of playing. Although they look different, they have the same basics as follows.

  1. The dealer deals 1 card to each player with their cards face down. then give it to yourself
  2. The dealer begins to deal a second card to all players face down. then give it to yourself One of the dealer’s two cards must be face up.
  3. All players total their hand points. If you are not satisfied with the points you get, you can call for more cards as needed. so that the total score is as close to 21 as possible
  4. The dealer begins to show his first card to other players. The other card is placed face down and waits until the other players have called all their cards. or stop calling
  5. After no player has called more cards The dealer will show the card and draw more, with the condition that it must keep calling until the point equals 17 or more before the draw can be stopped. This means that the lowest point of the dealer is 17 points.
  6. The player measures the cards against the dealer. If the player has a total hand value of less than 17, the banker loses. If there are more points than the mobile phone holder wins

Techniques for playing blackjack

            In playing blackjack, whether in a casino or in online casino It can be a technique or blackjack formula This one can be used. That is, during our card draw, the first goal is to get a total score close to 21 points and must not be less than 17 points because the dealer’s minimum point to be measured with us is 17 points or more because the dealer will stop drawing. Only when the hand has 17 or more points. But in calling more cards, we have another thing to be careful of. Try not to give your cards more than 21 points because it will make us lose immediately.

Now it’s going to be a bit of a pressure, because there are traps in the unlimited calling of cards. Therefore, we may choose to stop drawing even if the draw is less than 17 points, because we can stop drawing at any time. Then go to encourage the dealer to draw more cards until the point is more than 21 points, because that’s enough because it can make the dealer lose to us as well.

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