A collection of popular online gambling formulas to win money from online casinos

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  A collection of popular online gambling formulas, In  addition to the rules and methods of online gambling that we need to understand online gambling formula. It is another thing that should be known as well. Because besides it will help us have more chances to win. If we know how to adapt the formula to the style of play. It will also allow us to grab money from online casino come in substantial as well And today. I will take everyone to know the online gambling formula that these gamblers use to play Baccarat. Roulette and Sic Bo how each one is used. Let’s see how good it works.

Baccarat formula must be known in order not to lose the dealer’s position

Baccarat is considered another card game that every. Online casinos must have with a playing style that uses up to 8 decks of cards that have been shuffled, per 1 big round of play. By placing bets, we can predict which side will win between the Player or whether the dealer (Banker) or can predict whether the two are a tie

The style of play and the rules are simple. The player and the banker are dealt 2 cards each. Whoever gets more points wins. But there are still some conditions related to drawing a third card that we should be researching. Before going to complain that the dealer cheated in spite of the fact that we misunderstood. If this is the case, there will definitely be embarrassment.

For the Baccarat formula that is commonly used. There is a Bao Jin Zhong formula. with packet recipe which these two formulas are very popular. But there are differences and conditions of use as follows.

  • Bao Jin Zhong Recipe It is a formula that gives us a 50% chance of winning with the idea that
  1. If either side wins with 2 cards, the next turn will bet on the player’s side.
  2. If either side wins with 3 cards, the next turn will bet on the banker’s side.

Is it easy? And when used in conjunction with the Martingale formula. It allows you to earn more bets by compounding your bets every time you lose. The investment units that will be used to place bets will be in the form of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16. The advantage of it is that even if we lose 4 times in a row. But the 5th time we bet 16 units. If we Winning equals that we all win. (Getting the lost money back) and the disadvantage of it is also in the 5th round is that if we lose. We will lose a large amount of money in the blink of an eye. So who is thinking of using the 5-Wood Formula with Bao Jin Zhong Formula? There should be at least 100 bets to be safe.

  • The packet formula is a combination of 4 baccarat formulas in one using the main method of reading the card layout. Which the format of bets will be based on the card layout as follows

* From now on, let’s use “P” for Player’s side and “B” for Banker side for understanding.

  1. playing cards next to each other Let us look at the last 2 cards issued, if it comes out to either side twice in a row, such as PP or BB, the next round, let us stab that side.
  2. Alternating card layout, let us look at the last 3 card draws, if issued in an alternating pattern, such as PBP or BPB, next round, bet on the other side of the last time, such as the last 3 out of PBP, next round, bet B.
  3. Two card layouts alternate one. Also look at the last 3 card draws. But if the form of card issuing is in the form of PPB or BBP. The next round must be stabbed on the same side as the winning side in the first round of the last 3 times. Such as the last 3 out of BBP the next round to bet on B
  4. Two card layouts, alternating two. The appearance of the cards is similar to the shuffle. Just change from alternating 1 at a time to come out twice in a row, and then switch sides, such as PPBB or BBPP, so we need to look at what the last 4 cards are issued. The last two crossings are P.

Roulette formula. Great formula to win luck.

One of the fortune-telling games that gamblers around the world say that if their luck is not lucky enough, no matter how good they play, they won’t win. With a wheel with up to 37 numbers spinning. We have to predict where the ball the dealer throws will land. Even though it’s difficult to win, but the fun from a variety of betting formats has made many people think of roulette formulas until they get the most popular 10-row roulette formula. online casino It has three methods of use:

  1. Bet on 3 numbers, 10 rows . This formula, if we win, will have a payout rate of 11 times, giving a return of 20% of the bet. From the betting table, the numbers are divided into 12 rows of 3 numbers each, but we will bet 10 rows at the same time to increase our chances of winning. Suppose we bet 10 baht per row, 10 rows use a capital of 100 baht. If you win, you will get a profit of 20 baht.
  2. Bet on 6 numbers in 5 rows . This formula is similar to betting on 3 numbers, just change to 6 numbers at the same time to increase your chances of winning. Although the payout rate is 5 times, but if we bet 20 baht per row, 5 rows are 100 baht, it can make a profit of 20 baht as well.
  3. bet 2 zones and hump 3 numbers in 2 rows , let us bet on the favorite zone first, which zone to take, choose 2 zones (1 zone will have 12 numbers arranged in a row), then bet 3 numbers in 2 more rows will This means that we bet 10 rows. This bet will have payout rates of 2 times for zone bets and 11 times for 3 hunchbacks.

Hi-Lo recipe or Sic Bo of westerners

If anyone has the opportunity to play online casino Outside, you don’t have to find the word Hi Low, because they call it Sic Bo. betting Anyone who has a background from the Hi-Lo band near home is not difficult. all the same Both three dice with a transparent shaking device, so the most popular Sic Bo formulas are easy to use, even/odd formulas. See results faster than other formulas. The method of use is as follows.

  1. If the dice is high (11-17), the next round bets on a pair.
  2. If the dice is low (4-10), the next round bets odd.

At this point, I believe that many people would have a way to gamble on. Online casinos go back to some, but whether it’s Baccarat, Roulette or Sic Bo, even if there is a great formula, how good is it? I ask you to play with your sanity, if you can give enough, then stop. And then come back to play again, it’s not too late.

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