Bonus-Promotion Things to know before entering online casino

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   in choosing an online casino What I value the most is the promotion and bonuses that they provide for us. Because if comparing gambling as an investment. These two things are like dividends or welfare that we have. Which many people tend to miss here. Because they don’t pay attention. So they can’t make money from online gambling. So today I’m going to show you how to look at it. Bonus-Promotion. How good must it be.

 Vocabulary you must know before viewing promotions.

First of all, we need to know the terms that they use because in the online casino industry. He will have a terminology for calling promotions or bonuses. If you don’t understand this. There may be a misunderstanding. Basically, there are a few words that must be remembered as follows:

  • Rollover

The number one hit in the online gambling industry that refers to the desired rollover amount. It is an important condition for our withdrawal. Easy to withdraw, difficult to withdraw, it’s here. for example

“First deposit, get bonus 100%, up to 1,000 baht. Rollover 20 times means that if we deposit 500 baht. You will receive a bonus of 500 baht. Total money in the account now is 1,000 baht.

  • Rollover formula = (fund + bonus) x 20

It means that our rollover will be equal to (500+500) x 20 = 20,000 baht.

  • turnover

is our current rollover balance. Every time we place a bet. Win or lose, it keeps adding up. Turnover Greater than or equal to rollover. We will be able to withdraw money.

  • Cashback

Anyone who uses credit cards may be familiar with this term. Yes, in online casino. There is a refund to us as well. Which is referred to as cashback if we lose all of our games. Some may have cashback for only the first bill. Some places give back some. But no matter what, there is no way to get it for free because we have to exchange for more turns as well. Most importantly, if you want to get this right, you have to go to the casino to talk to his staff as well.

  • Rebate

This one is similar to Cashback, the difference is that it doesn’t look at the balance. But look at the amount of rollover bets Or eligible turn balance Anyone who has a turnover less than this rollover is not eligible to rebate. In order to refund, the system will automatically charge you, but we have to accept it by ourselves on the refund page. which in that page will have information telling us what gambling What is the turnover amount? Press it and get the money right away. Most of them will cut off the balance every week. If we forget online casino Some can request a retrospective. For the rate that most gives the highest is at 0.8%, if you find someone more than this, hurry to lock the target.

What are online casino promotions?

  1. Rebate is a refund of the bet to the customer that we have to accept by ourselves as described above. Most, almost every gambling game, whether it is sports, casino or slots, will have a rebate.
  2. Cashback, we have to look at what conditions this promotion has. If you think we can accept Let’s chat. because it has to exchange for a turn that has increased to a certain level It means that if we accept it, there is money to play, but it will be a little more difficult to withdraw because the ceiling has moved up.
  3. new member promotion If you meet any one, there is a promotion for many new members. Don’t be happy. Let’s first see which promotion is worth for us. because he gave only one promotion can’t repeat Once accepted, we immediately become old members.
  4. old member promotion This one is specially designed for old members. There will be many to choose from. along with the conditions for receiving Sometimes there will be promotions on a monthly, weekly to daily basis.
  5. Free credit is a free money giveaway promotion for online gambling, such as giving away 300, can play every gambling game. But there will also be a limit on how much you have to turn in order to withdraw this amount.
  6. Free Spins is a bonus dedicated to slot games. That is, the casino will give us the number of times to spin the slots for free from the original, having to place bets before being able to spin, for example 20 free spins, meaning 20 free spins, but in exchange for doing The turn is the same as the free credit.
  7. Refer a Friend Bonus It will come in the form of a link for us to send to friends. If our friends apply through the link we sent and deposit money. We will receive a bonus right here. But if you apply and don’t deposit or you can’t apply by yourself through our link Like this, you will not receive a bonus as well.

How many turns do you make so that you won’t be tired?

I believe that many people who are discouraged quit playing. online casino I went because I didn’t understand how to make a turn. The more I come across the word rollover several times, I don’t know what it is, but it looks a lot, so I press it first. I realized again when I couldn’t withdraw the money because the balance was not reached. Therefore, before pressing to receive the promotion, you should look at how many turns it needs to be done to fit. From personal experience, it can be divided as follows.

  • Less than 5 times, this is very low. is less, the whole turn and found less Often found in promotions such as rebates, cashback.
  • 25 times more. This one is too much. May be old and die before withdrawing money The conclusion is that it should not be chosen.
  • 10 – 20 times, this is the market rate Most often found at 20 times, such as about 15-25 times for new members, 5-10 times for old members, 20-25 times for free credit.

How are you doing with the knowledge of bonuses and promotions that we often meet in online casino that have been shared today Believe that it will be useful for everyone to choose the right promotion for themselves. And most importantly, don’t forget that the more he gives us We also have to pay a lot more. So play just enough to have fun. receive only in moderation Just like this, you will be happy with online gambling anyway. If you interested membership with us UFABET