An unforgettable experience! PSG players revealed “Messi wants to kill me.

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paris star player Saint-Germain One person came out to reveal. The most terrifying experience when going to make Lionel Messi so angry. He wanted to kill him in the middle of the field.

 A man who now works alongside the greatest players of all time for club and country. Leandro Paredes has revealed that he once infuriated Lionel Messi intensely during a Champions League match between Barcelona. Lona and Paris Saint-Germain And his Argentinian team-mates were so furious that they wanted to kill him.

         The incident occurred during a round of 16 encounter in 2021. PSG winning 4-1 in their opening encounter where Messi led the team 1- 0 from the penalty shootout. Paredes made a thoughtful comment to his team-mates during the UFABET match. But his words went to the ears of the seven-time. Ballon d’Or winner made his compatriots want to go home. Because he was countered back on the pitch.

         Paredes revealed to Caja Negra that he angered his well-known compatriot during Paris Saint-Germain’s game against Barcelona: “He was angry because I made the comments to the team-mates of Paris Saint-Germain. Me and he heard me say Then he got angry.” “He got really angry. He hurt me. it’s so bad He wanted to kill me and I wanted to go home.”

         while Messi is furious in the midst of extreme tension. Of the Champions League game, but any problems between him and Paredes are tucked under the carpet. The midfielder, who joined PSG from Zenit in the January 2019 transfer window, has said of his next meeting with the Argentine captain: “After that I saw him in the national team and he acted as if nothing had happened . The relationship continues as usual.” “Now when the conversation takes place We talked and laughed but then he got really angry. He wants to kill me!”

Paredes and Messi are now team-mates at Parc des Princes, with the latter moving to the French capital as free agents in the summer of 2021. They also play. side by side at the national team level With Argentina, the Copa America champions, are ready to challenge themselves on the global stage for the World Cup in Qatar later this year.