All That You Want to Know About Automotive Services

The phrase automotive services sound so complicated, and you might have often wondered what it is all about. Automotive services entail maintenance, repair, inspection of light trucks and cars. Automotive services not only take care of simple issues such as changing the oil or taking care of a flat tyre, but they also take care of towing and other damages in case of a collision.

Investing in automotive services might seem like a wastage; however, a simple investment can help you take care of the maintenance of your vehicle and keep it running longer. The technicians and the mechanics who are responsible for providing you with the automotive services are known as service technicians or service techs in short. If you need to undergo different car services, then you can avail great discounts through using Protyre discount code.

Automotive Services

The different types of automotive services that are provided by the service technicians

Automotive services have different branches and entail different types of services.

●    Front-end services: In this case, the technicians diagnose and repair tyre and wheels related problems such as tyre wears, wheel alignment, handling, ride, etc.

●    Brake services: The services rendered in this case are related to the issues associated with the brake system, their adjustment, replacement and other related services. Sometimes brake services and front-end services are provided together.

●    Automotive air conditioning service: This service takes care of the air conditioning system, from installation to repair and replacement of controls, condensers and compressors.

●    Transmission and rebuilding services: These services are highly reliant on computer controls and demand extensive knowledge of electrical and hydraulic systems and experience of diagnosing related problems. Transmission part of a vehicle involves gear trains, hydraulic pump couplings, etc.

●    Diesel services: Diesel services take care of buses and large trucks.

●    Drivability services: Here the diagnostic technicians and experts focus on complications and problems which hinder the efficiency and performability of the engine of a vehicle. These technicians must be knowledgeable about and experienced with fuel and engine management, ignition, emission and even electrical systems.

●    Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment services: These services are provided for heavy vehicles and equipment such as farm equipment, railcars or even construction vehicles.

What do the service techs do?

Of course, they offer the services mentioned above, however, there are nuances to their work.

●    They take care of the diagnosis of the issue causing trouble with the vehicle.

●    They have to be very planned and systematic in their approach.

●    After a diagnosis of the problems, they must also test and check if other parts are functioning correctly.

●    All the critical systems and components must be checked thoroughly.

●    Apart from taking care of the serious issues, they must also keep an eye out for simple repairs and maintenance such as changing oil or rotating tyres.

●    They must also replace, or repair wore out parts of the vehicle in case they cause other recurring issues.

●    They must be mindful of the manufacturer’s specifications and the requirements of the customer while making repairs and replacements.

●    They must also be capable of explaining all the automotive-related problems to the owner or the client.

Things you didn’t know about car servicing.

Car servicing is always cost and time extensive, so we often end up avoiding it or at least being irregular. However, there are few things which you must follow to ensure the longevity of your car. Every car requires thorough servicing just like humans need a periodical doctor’s checkup. If you do not know how to proceed merely check out the manufacturer’s guidebook for relevant details.

A car requires different types of services:

●    Interim or basic: Every vehicle must be serviced after every 12 months or every 10000 kilometres depending upon whichever happens first. However, after every 6 months or so some necessary servicing is required an oil change or filter change, even basic visual servicing, and topping up of the significant fluids which help in the functioning of the car.

●    Oil change and filter change: These are the two most important things which must be taken care of during every servicing. The oil and the filter are responsible for the smooth functioning of a car. If they aren’t entirely okay the fuel efficiency of the vehicle is sure to fall.

●    Full servicing: This servicing must be done annually. In this case, every issue of the car is addressed, checked, diagnosed and fixed.

●    Major servicing: Major servicing as the name suggests deals with someone significant components and parts of the vehicle such as spark plugs etc.

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